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Not sure if you need an appointment? 

Check your symptoms on the links below before you contact us 

NHS 111 symptoms checker for Adults        Babies ages less than 3 months      Children over 3 months

Urgent Appointment

To request an urgent appointment for today or tomorrow (Monday to Friday):

  • phone us on 01604 644126, Monday to Friday from 8am-630pm

When you get in touch, we’ll ask what you need help with.

We will use the information you give us to choose the most suitable doctor, nurse or health professional to help you.

It is not possible to request to see a specific doctor or nurse for emergency appointments and we are unable to deal with routine matters in these appointments

Routine Appointment

To request a routine appointment in the next 7 days:

  • use our online system via the link at the top of this page
  • phone us on 01604 644126, Monday to Friday between 8am and 630pm each day. Our telephone lines are busiest between 8am-9am so if you are looking to book a routine non-urgent appointment we ask you to call outside of these times.
  • visit the surgery and speak with a receptionist, Monday to Friday from 8am-6.30pm
  • use your NHS account (through the NHS website or NHS App) to book a screening test or vaccination
  • use AccuRx an online triage and messaging tool to request an appointment by clicking here

When you get in touch, we’ll ask what you need help with.

We will use the information you give us to choose the most suitable doctor, nurse or health professional to help you.

LIVI – See a GP by video on your mobile phone or tablet

As a patient of Moulton Surgery, you have access to free NHS online video consultations through the livi app.

  • Appointments from home, work or wherever’s comfortable
  • Get medical advice, referrals and prescriptions
  • Free NHS service to our patients

You will be able to download the app from the App Store or Google Play to sign up. To book an appointment, follow the steps in the app. You can choose to see the next available doctor (usually within minutes) or book a specific time in the next seven days. You will then be asked to select you current NHS GP practice. This service is run by registered GPs and not by doctors at this practice.

Please use the LIVI website to find out more and to sign up.

Northampton GP Extended Access service

The Northampton GP Extended Access service makes it easier for you to book an appointment with a local GP or other healthcare professional at a time that is more convenient, including evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays. There are both telephone and face to face appointments available. The location for this service is on the ground floor of Highfield Clinical Care Centre, Cliftonville Rd, Northampton, NN1 5BD.

Times appointments are available:

  • 18:30 – 21:30 Monday to Friday
  • 09:00 – 17:00 Weekends
  • 10.30 – 13.30 Bank Holidays

We may offer you an appointment via the GP extended access service, if our own appointments are fully booked, or if the times are more suitable for you. If you need to cancel an appointment with the Extended Access service please call 01604 263168.

Home visits

We can only offer home visits in exceptional circumstances.  This includes where a patient is housebound and therefore never leaves their home, or because the person is so unwell it is not possible for them to travel to the surgery.

The reason for this is that we have greater access to your medical records, blood test results and diagnostic equipment at the surgery and therefore medical issues are more efficiently dealt with there.

If you do request a home visit a doctor might contact you by telephone beforehand to discuss your problem so as to organise the most appropriate assessment for you.

Your appointment

However you choose to contact us, we may offer you a consultation:

  • by phone
  • face to face at the surgery
  • on a video call
  • by text or email

Appointments by phone, video call or by text or email can be more flexible and often means you get help sooner.

We may ask you to send some information to us prior to your appointment. For information on what we may request please click here.

Click here for information about the types of appointment available.

If you need help with your appointment

Please tell us:

  • if there’s a specific doctor, nurse or other health professional you would prefer to respond
  • if you would prefer to consult with the doctor or nurse by phone, face-to-face, by video call or by text or email
  • if you need a chaperone
  • if you need an interpreter
  • if you have any other access or communication needs


Cancelling or changing an appointment

If you are unable to attend your appointment for any reason, or the health problem for which you booked your appointment has cleared up, please remember to cancel your appointment.  Even cancelling your appointment with 10 minutes notice will enable us to see other patients in need.

We have a large number of people who do not attend their appointments every single week leading to wasted doctor and nurse time, leading to delays in you being able to get an appointment.

To cancel your appointment:

  • use your NHS account (through the NHS website or NHS App)
  • using the GP online system via the link at the top of this page
  • phone us on 01604 644126, Monday to Friday from 8am-630pm
  • reply CANCEL to your appointment reminder text message

To cancel an appointment with our extended access service please call 01604 263168

If you need help when we are closed

If you need medical help now, use NHS 111 online or Call 111.

NHS 111 online is for people aged 5 and over. Call 111 if you need help for a child under 5.

Call 999 in a medical or mental health emergency. This is when someone is seriously ill or injured and their life is at risk.